Don't Be Scared of LASIK: 5 Aspects to Calm Your Nerves

The idea of someone or something touching your eyeball is enough to elicit terror. That’s certainly understandable. And if you’re thinking about LASIK, that feeling of horror may become even stronger and more pronounced.

So, while the idea of a laser reshaping your cornea can make you uneasy, you shouldn’t be scared of LASIK. This minimally invasive procedure lets you get crystal-clear vision and return to your routine in a few days. But just to calm your nerves before the operation, here are a few facts you should know. It’s going to be OK!

1. LASIK Is Not Painful

Needles and scalpels can make you weary about any surgery. But did you know that LASIK doesn’t use needles and only uses a blade for a matter of seconds?

During LASIK, the surgeon will make a small incision in your corneal flap, but only after you receive numbing anesthetic eyedrops — you won’t feel a thing. Doctors then use an excimer laser on each eye to reshape the cornea, but again, you shouldn’t feel any pain. At the worst, you may feel slight discomfort, but most patients report that it’s temporary.

2. LASIK Takes Less Than 30 Minutes for Both Eyes

Unlike major surgeries that take hours, LASIK typically only takes 30 minutes for both eyes. Once the surgeon has made an incision in the cornea, the laser works for only about five to 15 seconds. The flap is then put back in place, and you’re done. Overall, you typically stay at the doctor for about an hour to two hours, depending on prep time, the surgery, and post-surgery consultation.

3. LASIK Has a Short Recovery Time

LASIK has perhaps the shortest recovery time of any significant procedure. After LASIK, you can usually return to your daily activities within 24 to 48 hours. While you may have to refrain from contact sports and swimming for a week or two, you can still enjoy your routine without any hindrances.

4. Your Eyes Won’t Dry Out

During LASIK, the doctor will hold your eye open but don’t worry about dry eye. Your eyes remain lubricated throughout the procedure thanks to numbing and moisturizing drops. So if you have an aversion to dry eye, you won’t have to fear LASIK. 

5. LASIK Has a Strong Track Record of Success

Every surgery has a slight chance of complications, but LASIK has one of the strongest track records of success. Less than 1% of patients report complications after LASIK. And with a success rate of 96% to 98%, calming your nerves before and during the procedure gives you a strong chance of gaining 20/20 vision.

Put Your Trust in an Experienced LASIK Surgeon

The final step toward calm before you choose LASIK is to find a surgeon you trust. Look for a doctor with experience, great reviews, and genuine care for you as a patient and a person. When the day finally comes for your LASIK procedure, you’ll know you’re in good hands — which should hopefully calm your nerves and quell your anxiety.

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